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Estate Planning

Who Has An Estate Plan?

All Georgians have an estate plan whether they know it or not. They have the estate plan they selected for themselves, or they have the one designated by the State of Georgia. 

If you would like to decide for yourself how your loved ones will be cared for, then we can assist you.  We serve a wide variety of clients, those needing a Basic Will, to those needing a Revocable Living Trust as well as those needing sophisticated tax planning and charitable giving. 

Estate planning does not have to be expensive. On the contrary, this process is far less expensive and time consuming for your loved ones if you have an individualized plan in place. This can be especially true for those who may have a “red flag."

Red Flags

  • Real estate in multiple states
  • Blended family/”his” and “hers” children
  • Family member who likes to cause trouble
  • Estranged family member
  • Non-citizen loved ones
  • Tax issues
  • High liability profession
  • Business or commercial ventures
  • Minor children 

Choosing Your Estate Plan

Choosing your own estate plan can be one of the greatest gifts you leave your loved ones. An experienced estate planning attorney can provide you with protections and added benefits for your loved ones. An estate planning attorney can also provide you with protections that you can use during your lifetime. We are available to give you recommendations as to what documents best meet your needs and to discuss specific benefits that estate planning can provide you individually.